Super H Medicated Poultice


SUPER H MEDICATED POULTICE is a ready-to-use medicated poultice blending
natural ingredients to provide fast acting relief. It reduces swelling and heat from
ankles, bucked shins and knees, providing relief from muscular aches and pains due
to over-exertion and fatigue. It contains a humectant aiding in moisture retention and
an emollient for skin conditioning. Super H Medicated Poultice is easier to remove
than many other poultices. It rinses off without damaging newly healed tissue
or skin.Super H Medicated Poultice continues the premium quality tradition that
Bickmore customers have come to expect for over 120 years.

Directions: Clean all medication from the area to be treated before applying Super
H Medicated Poultice. Poultice will work on wet or dry legs. (Wet hands for easier
application). Work Super H Medicated Poultice into the hair of the inflamed or swollen
area (ankles, knees or shins). Build up the poultice to 1/4”-1/2” thick. Wrap poultice
with moist gauze or paper then cover with stable bandages. Do not let Super H
Medicated Poultice remain in place for more than 24 hours. Check the bandages
periodically to ensure that they remain snug and the poultice is moist. The drawing
power of the poultice removes heat to aid in the reduction of swelling. TO REMOVE:
Remove all bandages and rinse the covered area with water until the area is free
of poultice. Let area air dry completely. Repeat the above process as needed.

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