Bickmore Mac Wipes


MacWipe Body Grooming Wipes are a must for any stable, show ring or on the trail use. Infused with a unique witch hazel based formula. MacWipes provide a gentle and pleasant grooming experience for your horse. MacWipes are especially useful for quick
cleanings between workouts for just before competition. Strong enough for cool down grooming, yet gentle enough to apply around eyes, ears and muzzle. MacWipes are ideal for daily use. When used properly, MacWipes remove lather, dirt, and grime; leaving your horse’s coat looking shiny and clean. MacWipes do not replace regular grooming 1 Bucket contains 63 wipes measuring 10” x 18”.

Directions: Snap open lid, wipes are ready to use. Use in long sweeping motions to remove dirt, grime and lather. Dispose of used wipes in plastic bag or trash receptacle. Do not flush. To guarantee freshness, keep lid tightly closed when not in use.

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